In Ukraine, local shortages of fuel media

В Украине локальные дефициты топлива – СМИ

A number of railway stations was paralyzed

The scarcity of fuel on some farms is that Ukrazaliznytsya not cope with the increased flow of goods.

In Ukraine some gas stations are forced to stand without fuel due to the deterioration of the situation with the supply of fuel to the tank farm. This issue was discussed last Friday at a meeting of the operational headquarters in the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, according to Oilpoint Monday, September 9.

So, according to market participants, who were present at the meeting, the depots are unable to replenish their stocks.

“The fuel shortage at certain depots is associated with what ULTRASOUND is unable to cope with the increased flow of goods. In addition, the situation affects the slow work of the customs at key stations through which trains pass with the fuel,” – said in the message.

It is alleged that a number of railway stations was paralyzed. Downtime at the station Darnitsa reach 20 days.

“Composition Kremenchug-Kiev instead of seven days is 20-30 days, not to mention the other senders of the same in Belarus,” – said one of the participants of the meeting of the operational headquarters.

At the same time, the meeting was informed that in the last days at the station Darnitsa, there is some improvement in the work. Market participants also noted the difficult situation on the station Korosten, urging state representatives to increase the staff number of the customs officers at the station to expedite passing of goods.

In addition, according to market participants, formed a problem with the timely return of empty tank cars on the Belarusian side, although in this direction there is positive dynamics.

State representatives at the meeting promised to solve the problems and to report on the situation of the highest leadership of the country to ensure prompt action to resolve the situation.

Recall, from August 1, the largest importer of diesel fuel Ukraine Wexler Group has suspended deliveries of diesel fuel from Russia by pipeline. This was due to the introduction by Ukraine of special duties on Russian diesel fuel and liquefied gas.

In turn, the representative of the President in the Cabinet of Ministers Andriy Gerus said that Ukraine can live without Russian diesel fuel.

Later it became known that the Odessa company Eurostandard began to import diesel from Russia by rail.

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