In Ukraine looming severe frosts and snowfalls

В Украину надвигаются сильные морозы и снегопады

The temperature will fall to -25 degrees.

Heavy snowfalls and low temperatures to -20, -25 degrees Celsius, weather forecasters predict the second half of January. This was stated at a meeting of the state Commission for prevention of emergency situations Nikolay Kulbida, reports

It is noted that snowfall and freezing temperatures are expected next week.

“Deteriorating weather conditions are projected to January 18. We expect the passage of the Central Ukraine, except the East and West of active cyclones, which will lead to snowfall and strong winds. We expect the increase of the snow cover is 10-20 cm in most regions of Ukraine”, – said Kulbida.

He noted that on January 15-17 also projected snowfall and level of cover is about 10 inches.

“The total number of snow cover could be 20-30 cm in most regions of Ukraine”, – said Kulbida.

In addition, he reported that on January 21-22, it is expected the cyclone from the Balkans, which will bring heavy snow with a transition to rain, ice and increased storm wind of up to 15-24 meters per second.

Projected significant temperature fluctuations.

According to him, in the coming days the temperature will drop at night to -4, -9 degrees, and in the North-East to -10, -14 degrees Celsius.

“Since January 25 there is a high probability of a strong cold snap in Ukraine to -14, -19, and on January 27-28 to -20, -25 degrees below zero. This is the forecast which we can do today, but for three or four days before the start of these periods, we will detail them”, he added.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine goes cold.

In the US the victims of cold weather in the United States 26 people.