In Ukraine, men earn 28% more than women

В Украине мужчины зарабатывают на 28% больше, чем женщины

The largest gap is observed in financial and insurance activities.

The average salary of regular workers-men in the first quarter of 2017 was 7 160 UAH, that is by 27.5% more than the average salary of regular workers were women, according to the data of the state statistics.

In the I quarter of this year, the average salary of full-time employee-female is 5 UAH 612.

In this case, a gap in the amount of wages is not typical for all economic activities.

For example, in the field of real estate women employees earn on average 5 266 UAH, which is only 257 UAH less than male workers in the education sector — 5 247 UAH, which is UAH 181 less than male workers.

However, the largest gap in this indicator is observed in the area of financial insurance activities 9 793 UAH average wages of women compared with 16 118 UAH the average salary of men.

Recall that in the EU women’s average wages 23.4% less than men.