In Ukraine opened the 9th world Regional dog training centre

В Украине открыли 9-й в мире Региональный кинологический учебный центр

In Khmelnytskyi on August 26 opened only in Ukraine and the ninth in the world of a Regional dog training centre of the world customs organization. This was reported by the press service of the State fiscal service of Ukraine.

“We will prepare the canine teams to search for explosives, weapons, money and drugs. Today also developed a special program for the training of handlers and their dogs that will specialize in searching for amber, which is very important for our country,” – said the head of the SFSU Roman Nasirov.

Provided that the institution in Khmelnytskyi created on the basis of the Department of specialized training and dog training ensure GFS.

“The opening of the Regional canine training center in Khmelnytsky – an outstanding event for Ukrainian customs officials. This is a chance for Ukraine to exchange experience and best practices in the field of cynology with other countries, it is a chance to actively implemented the safe framework of standards the world customs organization”, – said Roman Nasirov.

According to him, in the world there are 9 such centers. Four of them are located in Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and China) and 3 in Europe. The eighth center to be located in Saudi Arabia, is in the process of creation.

It is reported that in the Khmelnytskyi regional center will prepare the canine teams for the needs of the customs authorities of the countries of Eastern Europe and the black sea basin. This should increase the credibility of domestic cynology at the international level and will provide an appropriate level of training service dogs DFS with expertise and best practices in the field of cynology.

Head of the SFS also said that due to the effective training of dog teams on the border of Ukraine has already discovered more than 400 kg of narcotic and psychotropic substances, over 184 thousand packs of cigarettes, 358 firearms, parts and tools to it, more than 10 thousand units of ammunition.

“Opening dog training center is one of the steps that we are doing together with the world customs organization. Until the end of the year is also scheduled several training things on the exchange of information between tax and customs services. After all, the intensification of cooperation between tax and customs is a global trend today,” – said Nasirov.

Stated that the celebrations on the opening of the Regional canine training center was attended by the head of the SFS Roman Nasirov, heads of Central Executive bodies of Ukraine, representatives of the customs administration of Moldova, Poland and Georgia, members of international organizations.