In Ukraine over the weekend went up dramatically autogas

В Украине за выходные резко подорожал автогаз

six weeks autogas increased by two hryvnia per liter

The average price of liquefied gas in the Ukrainian gas stations close to 12 UAH per liter.

Over the weekend, oil traders have raised the prices of liquefied gas at 20-60 cents per liter. It is reported by the consulting company UPECO.

So, at the Shell gas station, the cost of gas has increased 40 cents per liter, to 11.89 UAH, gas stations AMIC – 20 cents per liter, to 11.79 UAH. At the pump UPG the cost of petrol has increased by 60 cents per liter, to 11.60 UAH. Networks OKKO and WOG in Kiev prices rose 20 cents per liter, to 12.38-of 12.39 UAH. At the pump BRSM-Nafta, Avantage bars 7 and the cost of gas increased by 30 to 20 cents per liter, to 11.35-11,99 UAH. At the pump Glusco prices increased by 40 cents per liter, to 11.55 UAH.

As of March 25, the average price of gas rose to 11.82 UAH/liter. March 12, the average cost was of 10.88 UAH/liter.

Recall that in October last year, the price of LPG reached a record 16,31 UAH per liter. After that, prices began to decline and by mid-February, fell to 10 UAH/liter. Then fuel again began to rise.


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