In Ukraine potrebnostey reached the pre-crisis level

В Украине потребнастроения вышли на докризисный уровень

Consumer sentiment in Ukraine continue to grow

In recent times, such high consumer confidence of Ukrainians was in 2004-2008.

The index of consumer sentiment (CCI) in Ukraine in August 2019, compared with July increased by 7.6 points to 95,6 200-point scale, returning to the level before the crisis of 2008. This is evidenced by the results of the study Info Sapiens, published on Tuesday, September 17, on the website of the company.

“Pit citizens over the age of 16 made up of 95.6, and in the group of 16-59 – 101. Such levels of IIT was observed in Ukraine in the period 2004-2008 (until August 2008) and then in April-June 2010,” said analysts Info Sapiens.

According to the study, the index of the current position (ITP) increased by 6.6 points to 83.5, including the index of current personal financial situation – by 6.9 points, to 77.4, the index of reasonability of large purchases on 6.3 points, to 89.6.

The economic expectations index (IEO) in August jumped n 8.3 points and 103.6, including the index of expected economic development of the country over the next year rose 7.4 point – to 106.9, and over the next five years – just 10 points, up to 109.6. The index of expected changes in personal financial situation has added 7.4 points to 94.3.

At the same time the August index of expected unemployment dynamics decreased in comparison with July by 3.3 points – to 111,1, while the index of inflationary expectations fell by 3.9 points to 173.2. Has improved slightly and the index of devaluation expectations in the next three months – by 0.7 points to 128.8.

As reported, CCI in July 2019, compared with June rose 5.5 points to 88 on a 200-point scale, becoming the highest indicator since August 2013.

The household survey to determine consumer sentiment in Ukraine is carried out since June 2000. Initially it was carried out by GfK Ukraine company and the 2019 study Info Sapiens is conducting with the assistance of Dragon Capital. Polled one thousand respondents.

Also, according to the state statistics service, in Ukraine has improved economic sentiment.

However, a week earlier, it was reported that Ukraine is recognized as the most economically unfree country in Europe.



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