In Ukraine rains with thunderstorms

В Украину идут дожди с грозами

In Ukraine predict rain

The air temperature in Ukraine will be from +12 to +30 degrees.

On the territory of Ukraine on Friday, September 22, rains, sometimes with thunderstorms. This was reported by a meteorologist.

So, in the East of the country the air warms from +26 to +30 degrees.

In the South of Ukraine day temperature is expected at the level from +19 to +29 degrees, in the Crimea from +25 to +27 degrees.

In the Western regions and in the daytime from +12 to +20 degrees.

In the Central regions of Ukraine day temperature will fluctuate from +25 to +30 degrees.

In the North, light rain only in Sumy region, from +23 to +27 degrees.

The temperature in Kiev today is expected to reach between +23 and +25 in the afternoon from +14 to +16 degrees at night. Also, during the day rain is expected with thunderstorms.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Kiev, beaten 85-year-old temperature record.