In Ukraine recorded 17 cases of tetanus

В Украине зафиксировано 17 случаев заболеваемости столбняком

The MoH cited figures tetanus

Since the beginning of this year recorded seventeen cases of tetanus in Ukraine, according to the Ministry of health.

In Ukraine since the beginning of 2018, recorded 17 cases of tetanus (five children and 12 adults), the press service of the Ministry of health.

“Doctors in the Kiev region are fighting for the life of the boy who became ill with tetanus. From the beginning, this is the 17th case of tetanus in Ukraine. Tetanus affects the nervous system, manifested by convulsions. Mortality reaches 70%”, – stated in the message.

Adini method that protects from the illness is vaccination.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine since the beginning of the year recorded nine cases of diphtheria. In addition, the country continues to grow, the incidence of measles.

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