In Ukraine reduced the incidence of measles

В Украине снижается уровень заболеваемости корью

Measles in Ukraine is declining

For the week sick with measles at least 450 people. Since the beginning of the year recorded more than 30 thousand cases of the disease.

Over the past week with measles in Ukraine, fell ill 436 people – adults 214 and 222 of the child. This is stated in the message Centre for public health, Ministry of health of Ukraine on Tuesday, 4 September.

It is noted that the incidence rate is 18.9% less than the previous week.

Since the beginning of the year with measles who became ill on 30 363 person – 12 440 adults and 17 thousand 923 child.

Most measles sick in the Lviv (5 913 persons: 1 862 051 adults and 4 children), Transcarpathian (3 037 persons: 573 464 adults and 2 children), Ivano-Frankivsk (2 785: 793 992 adults + 1 child), Odessa (2 382 people: 1 adult and 1 201 181 children), the city of Kiev (2 122: 1 335 adults and 787 children) and Ternopil (1 628 people: 634 994 adult and child).

Since the beginning of the year as a result of complications from measles died 13 persons: 9 children and 4 adults.

Note the reduction in the incidence of measles has been observed for a few weeks. Last week, the incidence decreased by 12.5%.


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