In Ukraine responded to the German call to close Peacemaker

В Украине ответили Германии на призыв закрыть Миротворец

The Peacemaker website is a private resource

The Ukrainian diplomat condemned the “scary scenarios” in the German media that Ukraine allegedly desires the death of the shredder, caught in the site database.

The Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Andrey Melnik said that the Peacemaker website is “purely private” resource, and Ukraine is not responsible for its content. This is stated in his article published on Wednesday, November 21, edition of the Welt.

The Ambassador also stressed that the legal possibility of Ukraine’s influence on him is limited.

This statement Andrew Miller did after appeals from the German foreign Ministry to close the site that hosts the lists of “anti-leaders” and more recently in a list added of the ex-Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder.

According to the Ambassador of Ukraine, Kiev “with attention, took note of” the request of Berlin.

“This is purely a private website. The Ukrainian government is not responsible for the content of the home page of this organization. However, Ukraine is ready to continue serious discussions on the issue of Peacekeepers with German partners. Personally, I think that the list of illegal and inappropriate,” said Miller.

At the same time, the diplomat condemned the “scary scenarios” in the media of Germany that Ukraine allegedly desires the death of the shredder.

“Undiplomatic speaking, this is nonsense. It’s just feeding the propaganda narratives of the Kremlin”, – said the Ambassador.

According to Miller, this situation diverts attention from the real issue – lobbying services that the former German Chancellor has Russian President Vladimir Putin in Europe.

Recall that in early November, the ex-Chancellor Schroeder appeared in the database of a Peacemaker once in an interview with Aachener Nachrichten opined that the annexation of Crimea will have once admitted.

After that, the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of Germany, echoed the call to close the site, the Peacemaker, the Peacemaker called an attack on freedom of speech and freedom of dissemination of information of public interest.

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