In Ukraine rose W/d tickets – media

В Украине подорожали ж/д билеты - СМИ

In 2018 it is expected another increase in prices for railway tickets

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian said that the tariff increase should occur simultaneously with the improvement of quality of services.

In Ukraine from 1 April 2018 to raise tariffs for transportation of passengers in domestic rail transport by 1%. This increase is associated with the use of coefficients of indexation of tariffs depending on the calendar periods, according to the Center for transport strategies.

The corresponding coefficients were fixed by the Ministry of infrastructure dated 19 March 2012 and the changes in tariffs made by order of the Department dated July 21, 2014. So, from 1 to April 27 applicable ratio of 1.02 (March applied ratio of 1.01), and during the may holidays from April 28 to may 8 – ratio of 1.03.

According to the publication, the 9 of may (and only this day) ticket can be purchased with 20% discount. Cheaper to buy railway travel document can only be 31 Dec, when applied a factor of 0.7.

Recall that from 1 April 2018, expected increase in tariffs for railway passenger transportation by 12%, and overall up to the end of the year – 25%. Later it became known that the corresponding draft order of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine is being coordinated by several bodies.


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