In Ukraine snowfalls and hard frosts

В Украину идут снегопады и крепкие морозы

Weather in Ukraine will be frosty

The weather changed dramatically, and 29 November.

In Ukraine, returned to frosts and snowfalls. According Ukrgidromettsentr, the cold is expected in most areas of the country.

So, tomorrow starts the snow, and the thermometer drops to 7 degrees of a frost. In the East of the country up to 3 degrees Celsius in the day and minus 6 in the night, heavy snow. In the North snow, night -7, day to minus 4.

In the centre and in Kiev, the day to 3 degrees of a frost, at night the temperature will show -6. Snow day and night.

The East of the country will also be in captivity frost. Minus 1-6 night and 1-3 degrees below zero in the afternoon. , Mainly without precipitation. In the South, without rain, during the day to minus 1 at night to minus 4.

В Украину идут снегопады и крепкие морозы

30 November frosts will intensify and spread across the country. In the North the temperature will drop to minus 10 degrees. In Kiev, minus 9.

В Украину идут снегопады и крепкие морозы

December 1, weather in Ukraine will be snowy. The cold weather will hinder the East of the country.

В Украину идут снегопады и крепкие морозы

On 2 December, a little warmer, and snow will cover the entire country.

В Украину идут снегопады и крепкие морозы

As reported Корреспондент.netthe snowfall over the weekend, spent nearly a thousand settlements in Ukraine. For liquidation of consequences of bad weather were attracted 4.5 thousand people and 1565 units.


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