In Ukraine, the cases of botulism

В Украине участились случаи ботулизма

Since the beginning of the year, there were 28 cases of botulism

In most cases the infection was due to the use of dried nevypolnenie fish.

In the second half of may in Ukraine, the cases of botulism. On Wednesday, may 30, the press service of Gospodarevskaya.

It is noted that most cases of botulism associated with the consumption of dried fish nevypolnenie made yourself or purchased in the places of spontaneous trade.

From the beginning, the disease was diagnosed in 28 people. In two cases the disease ended in death.

In this regard, the state foods and consumer service strongly recommends not to travel and leisure perishable products, to comply with the expiry date and storage conditions. Foods, especially canned, we recommend that you boil, fry or simmer before consumption, raw and dried products processing of individual knives.

Also published by the state foods and consumer service memo consumers are advised to store food in a sealed container and protect them from accidental contamination.

In addition, the experts strongly recommend not to buy products in the spontaneous markets and the possibility to refuse the use of dried nevypolnenie fish in the summer.

We will remind, in Kiev on the eve of botulism, the woman also died. So, she ate dried fish homemade.

2 may in Kiev was recorded case of botulism after eating dried fish.


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