In Ukraine, the hurricane has hit 17 people

Most of the victims in the Kiev region.

In Ukraine, due to heavy dodges that and wind gusts on 1 July, 17 people injured, said the state service for emergency situations.

Heavy rains, thunderstorms and gusty winds knocked down trees 640, 260 were damaged roofs of homes, 11 outbuildings and eight secondary schools.

Most of the victims in the Kiev region – eight people. In Baryshevsky area damaged slate and metal roofs of 18 high-rise residential buildings, 202 residential houses and seven schools, felled 140 trees.

In Cherkasy region, injuring five people, in five districts of the region damaged roofs on six private homes and eight commercial buildings, fallen trees 138.

In the Sumy region – four people were injured, including one child, born in 2013. In Sumy and five districts of the region damaged roofs on four private houses, the tumbled down 43 trees.

In the Ternopil region, Zbarazh district damaged the roof of two private houses and three commercial buildings, felled 80 trees.

In the Poltava region – in two areas (Lubensky and Orzhytskyi districts) damaged the roof of 14 private homes, fallen trees 225.

In Kirovohrad region – in two areas (Novomirgorod and Archangel regions) damaged the roof on 12 private residential houses and 1 educational institution, felled 14 trees.

For liquidation of consequences of bad weather from the DSNs were involved 210 personnel and 45 vehicles.


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