In Ukraine the market of used cars has grown three times

В Украине рынок подержанных авто вырос в три раза

In Ukraine sharply increased sales of used cars

By the end of 2017, the ratio of new and used cars at the primary market made up 59% on 41%, respectively.

The primary market for used cars in Ukraine in 2017 increased 3.3 times compared with the year 2016 to 56 744 units. It is reported by Ukrautoprom Association.

It is noted that the greatest demand in the past year used cars of European origin whose leader was Renault leading the rating seven months of the year. For the year sold 10 of 451 cars of this brand, most of which were in the Megane model (7 816).

On the second line of the annual rating cars Volkswagen – a six-time leader in 2017. Just 10 068 was a car produced by this German brand, most popular model of which was the Passat (4 688 units).

Skoda, throughout the year, consistently holding third place, was in the amount of 6 768 units, and the best seller was the Octavia (3 638 units).

Fourth position the entire year was occupied by the Opel brand, in the end, was 4,494 used cars, and most purchased was the Opel Astra (1902).

Nissan, despite the weakening of the end of the year (in November and December – seventh place), was able to stay in the top five leaders with the indicator 2 924 cars. Most was b/nisanov – electric Leaf (2008).

It is also reported that in December on the account were delivered 6,435 thousands of used cars, which accounted for 41% of the total number of primary registrations. And at the end of the year the ratio of new and used cars at the primary market also accounted for 59% and 41%, respectively.

As reported Корреспондент.netfor the entire 2017, the Ukrainians have purchased 82 300 new passenger cars, or 25% more than in 2016.

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