In Ukraine, the prices of medicines

В Украине подорожали лекарства

Drug prices in Ukraine since the beginning of the year increased on average by 5.1%

Since the beginning of 2018 in Ukraine, the prices of both domestic and imported drugs. Increased prices for domestic medicines.

In Ukraine since the beginning of 2018, the prices of medicines grew on average by 5.1%. This is evidenced by updated data from the State statistics service.

In particular, it is specified that more expensive, both domestic and imported drugs.

So, antibiotics domestic increased in price by 7.6% – to UAH 15,57 ten pills, capsules. Antibiotics imported – by 5.07% to UAH 103,35 ten pills (capsules).

In turn, domestic vasodilators rose by 3.5% to 10.1 UAH, import vasodilators – by 3.1%, to UAH 47,9 (ten capsules).

Moreover, increased cost of antipyretic and analgesic drugs: domestic – 3.2%, to 7.63 UAH, import – by 8.3% to 13.58 UAH (per unit).

Previously Prepared temporarily banned the sale and use of multiple drugs manufacturing company Jenny Biotek PVT. Ltd. (India).

Ukraine has imposed a ban on the drug to thin the blood and for the treatment of macular (Central retinal) edema.

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