In Ukraine, the prices of vegetables and meat

В Украине подорожали овощи и мясо

Average prices for agricultural products in Ukraine increased

Average selling prices of agricultural products by agricultural enterprises of Ukraine in January-March 2017 increased.

Agricultural enterprises of Ukraine sold agricultural products in January-March 2017 11 percent more compared to the same period in 2016, reported the state statistics service.

The Ministry said that the crop production for the reporting period rose by 8.2 percent, and livestock production – by 23.2%.

In addition, in March compared with February, the agricultural products have increased in price by 1.6 percent. In particular, crop production has risen by 3.1 percent and livestock fell by 5.2 percent.

Compared to March 2016 average prices last month were higher by 11.1 percent. In particular, the price of crop products grew by 8.6 percent, and livestock – is 26.1%.

Last week it was reported that Ukraine has accelerated the growth of prices.