In Ukraine, the strategic impact of the drone

В Украине разрабатывают стратегический ударный дрон

Antonov already produces drones

The estimated payload of the drone is 1.4 tons. It will be equipped with anti-tank, rocket and bomb armament.

The Ukrainian state concern Antonov razrabatyvat the draft strategic impact of unmanned aircraft system (UAS), which corresponds to NATO standards.

This was stated by the program Director UAS Antonov Nikolay Vorobyov, reports Interfax-Ukraine on Thursday, October 11.

According to him, according to the terms of reference of the Ministry of defense, it is about creating strategic impact of the UAV maximum takeoff weight of six tons.

“This is a very serious complex, one Ukraine can not afford it,” said program Director, adding: “the option of military tehnicheskogo cooperation (MTC) with customer…in the presence of a portfolio of orders is possible. In this direction we now work with Ukrspetseksport”.

“It is very important that this complex is created at the NATO-vskomu standard STANAG4671 and will be able to fly in civil airspace,” – said Vorobyov.

He said that the creation of platforms and engines is provided by the Ukrainian side, the supply of the equipment meets the foreign partner. We have already agreed equipment for bespilotnika.

According to the developer, the estimated payload of a new attack UAV is 1.4 tons. It is envisaged the possibility of equipping of the complex of anti-tank, rocket and bomb armament. The estimated altitude of 12.2 km, the flight duration is 24 hours.

Earlier it was reported that Antonov will produce four type of UAV, together with the Swiss company AIR-ION Technologies SA.

It also became known that Antonov has signed a cooperation agreement with Boeing. We are talking about the delivery of a wide range of components.

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