In Ukraine the wholesale price of LPG has increased by one third

В Украине оптовые цены на автогаз выросли на треть

The price of gas returned to growth

The price of liquefied natural gas from the subsidiary reached a seven-month high, and exceeded 24 thousand.

LPG price at the auction of the largest manufacturer JSC Ukrgazdobycha increased by 30% to 24 421 UAH/t compared to the auction a week ago. It is reported enkorr with slyly on the data of the Ukrainian energy exchange.

The minimum price at the auction amounted to 24 000 UAH/t, maximum 24 800 UAH/t. the company has sold a little more than 70% of set volume – 1976 t from 2774 T.

“Expect a price above 24 000 UAH/t, in principle, this prediction has come true. Sold at a high price the bulk of the buyers have decided to sit tight and to reduce the sentence level. We went down to the lowest level of our price range, to sink below considered inappropriate,” – said at the auction Director for commercial issues of the company Sergey Fedorenko.

A major factor in the growth of wholesale prices of LNG Fedorenko considers the absence of permits for the supply of gas to Ukraine from the Ministry of economy of the Russian Federation for all providers in Russia and Kazakhstan.

“There is a high risk as the minimum displacement of shipments to the main part of the import. Given these risks, we felt a further decline in prices is inexpedient,” – said Fedorenko.

The price of LNG to the subsidiary at the auction on may 29, rose to the highest in seven months (28 auctions). Last time up to 24 000 UAH/t, the price of liquefied petroleum gas UGD was rising at the end of October 2018.

LNG prices at auctions of small producers, held in parallel, also showed similar growth. Poltava petroleum company implemented the resource 25 000 UAH/t, Geo Alliance – 24 300 UAH/t.

According to the daily price monitoring on the wholesale market of Consulting group A-95, in the first half of the day average claimed by traders the price of LNG in the shipping conditions of the SOT was 23 510 UAH/t compared to 28 may, the average price rose by 900 UAH/t.

In turn, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine warned that the new rules of export from Russia of oil products and LNG can lead to an increase in fuel prices. It is noted that approximately 80% of the oil from the total imports of imported to Ukraine from the territory of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

Last week it became known that the Kazakh company Tengizchevroil stopped shipment of liquefied gas to Ukraine. According to sources, the trader is afraid of problems with the passage of goods through the Russian-Ukrainian border due to the entry into force on 1 June, the Russian sanctions against Ukraine.

We will remind, on April 18, the Russian Federation imposed a ban on exports to Ukraine of oil and oil products. Also an embargo was imposed on some Ukrainian goods, including clothes and shoes, as well as pipes and packaging materials.

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