In Ukraine there are thunderstorms with hail

В Украину идут грозы с градом

In southern areas the temperature rises to 34 degrees.

Weather in Ukraine on Sunday, July 23, is expected rainy – hot and humid thunderstorms with hail in the Western and Eastern regions, according to the meteorologist.

In the Central regions of Ukraine precipitation is not expected by forecasters. Air temperature the average for the region up to 28 degrees by day and 16 by night.

In the North of Ukraine without any precipitations, in the afternoon of 24-26 degrees Celsius in the night – 14 degrees above zero.

In the southern areas hot, no rain. The day temperature 30-34 DNM, the night temperature will drop to 19 degrees.

Throughout the Western part of Ukraine rains with thunderstorms. Daytime temperature there is expected to 26-28 Celsius during the night the temperature drops to 15 degrees.

In the East of Ukraine rains and thunderstorms. The day temperature of 28-30 degrees Celsius during the night from 18 to 21 above zero.


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