In Ukraine there is a flu epidemic: warm winter contributes to the virus

В Украину идет эпидемия гриппа: теплая зима способствует вирусам

The flu epidemic will be in January, and the threat will remain until March. Ukrainians waiting for a new mutated strain – Michigan.

The beginning of the epidemic of flu is expected in January 2018, according to the Ukrainian center of influenza and acute respiratory infections Ministry of health.

Experts say that a gradual increase in the incidence of SARS and influenza in Ukraine will begin approximately January 10, 2018. And under the threat of an epidemic the country will be until the end of March.

Flu in 2018: what strains to wait

In September the Ukrainian epidemiologists have warned about the activation of the new 2018 from three strains of the flu virus, are equally dangerous to people of all categories and ages.

So, who suggests that a ride on Ukraine:

  • strain “Hong Kong” H3N2;
  • the virus type In “Brisbane”;
  • virus Michigan.

If the first two local epidemiologists already known since last year, the third – a new, mutated from strain A/H1N1, known as “California” or swine flu.

В Украину идет эпидемия гриппа: теплая зима способствует вирусам

Doctors have warned about a new mutant strain of influenza in Ukraine (photo: EPA/UPG)

Head of the Ukrainian Center of influenza and acute respiratory infections Tatiana Dyhnovskaya notes that the viruses will come to us all at once, and alternately. First expect is Michigan, which affects the adult population from 25 to 49 years. The incubation period of the virus is 4-7 days. “Mi” has a severe course with a high probability of complications.

To sound the alarm in advance, the Ministry did not suggest. Medical institutions is recommended to just be prepared, if necessary, to make the hospital as much as possible the number of cases.

Warm winter “fruits” of viruses

The doctors tell us, which is unusual for winter warming is a favorable environment for bacteria.

“The weather in Ukraine is unstable: the temperature is above zero, a slight negative. People do not know how to dress accordingly to go out and nipped by the frost or sweat. As a result, the cold. It is proved that at cold temperatures the viruses as if frozen and do not reproduce. And we protect ourselves: dress warm, drink hot drinks, hold prevention folk remedies”, says family-doctor Irina Kotenko.

The main threat of the strain “mi” is the fact that the population to it has a weak immune system. In addition, Ukraine has a low percentage of vaccination coverage.

В Украину идет эпидемия гриппа: теплая зима способствует вирусам

The flu vaccine in Ukraine is about UAH 175 (photo: EPA/UPG)

According to medical statistics, as of October 2017, was vaccinated with only 1% of people. And to develop a strong immune system with the necessary period of 1 – 2 months.

According to recent research, the influenza virus more likely to affect people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, overweight.

Prevention of flu

Symptoms of the virus, “Michigan” differ somewhat from symptoms in other types of flu. The patient body temperature rises in the range of 38.5-40 degrees, which is impossible “down” for three days. For other strains the characteristic temperature of 40-41 C.

Companion temperature is also cough without sputum discharge, pain behind the breastbone.

People suffer from headache, aches throughout the body or pain in the muscles and joints. There is a General weakness of the body, drowsiness, sweating, lack of appetite, dryness of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx.

Children may experience vomiting or diarrhea.

В Украину идет эпидемия гриппа: теплая зима способствует вирусам

Influenza in children (photo: EPA/UPG)

With the progression of the disease, the condition deteriorating, develop pneumonia, encephalitis, meningitis.

In order not to fall ill with the flu can get vaccinated. The producers promise that the immune system will “work” throughout the year. After vaccination, the risk is only 2%. Shown the vaccine to people with poor health, elderly, people with chronic diseases, pregnant women and children. All of these categories of immunity that may fail in force of objective reasons.

When buying vaccinations in pharmacies experts recommend to keep a check – first, it may ask the doctor to make sure that the drug is fresh.

The average price of flu vaccine is 175 UAH. Children under 3 years of age are vaccinated in two stages.

You must adhere to the rules of hygiene: to wash hands with soap and water, avoid visiting places with large concentrations of people. Better not to touch it with dirty hands to the eyes, nose and mouth.

Treatment of influenza: drug and folk remedies

If you already have a virus, then the flu treatment takes place in two directions: pathogen destruction and renewal of the forces of the body. With the first task the best cope drugs neuraminidase inhibitors. In Ukraine, they go by prescription. Therefore, to effectively treat the flu and prevent complications – it is better to consult a doctor.

Antiviral drugs are sold without prescription, but the effectiveness of most of them in medical circles all the time is debatable. Besides, to start taking these pills the first 48 hours after onset of illness, otherwise they will not give the desired effect.

If you have a proven product, which you have previously experienced, it can be taken as an additional tool. Always consult your doctor if you can take this drug together with the main medication for treatment.

The Ministry of health of Ukraine made the list of medicines which he recommends in the treatment of influenza. Among them are antibiotics, antivirals, cough syrups and even herbal preparations:

В Украину идет эпидемия гриппа: теплая зима способствует вирусам

The Ministry of health does not recommend these drugs in the treatment of influenza

The fact that antiviral drugs can cause side effects – nausea and vomiting. To reduce such effects can be, if you take the drug with food.

But in some cases it is possible to prescribe antiviral drugs with the active substance oseltamivir or zanamivir.

What exactly can and should do

  • Drink plenty of fluids. Water, juice and warm chicken soup can prevent dehydration.
  • Stay. More relax, it will help the immune system fight infection.
  • Antipyretic drugs. To fight flu Western physicians are using medications containing acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Aspirin for children and teenagers should be abandoned due to the increased risk of Reye’s syndrome.

Self struggle with the flu in every second case leads to complications.

В Украину идет эпидемия гриппа: теплая зима способствует вирусам

Treatment of flu folk remedies (photo:

With regard to folk remedies, they are suitable for recuperation of the body. Doctors also recommend the use of vitamin C, and it is in the raspberry jam and lemons. Drink a lot of tea or fruit drinks is also useful with liquid are excreted from the body toxic substances such as waste products of the virus. Tea is better to choose natural, herbal or fruit, and drink its not very hot.

But the inhalations over boiled potatoes and alcoholic compresses more critical health concerns. All procedures to raise their body temperature and “sweat”, is absolutely contraindicated when you have fever body. In such cases it is better to to create the patient comfortable, then the body itself will be able to address the necessary processes.

In the fight against flu, traditional medicine is just a support direction.

We will remind, in Odessa, the increase in the incidence of measles reached a new level.

The flu epidemic in Ukraine

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Ukraine has decreased the number of cases of influenza and SARS