In Ukraine there is no epidemic of influenza – Ministry of health

В Украине нет эпидемии гриппа - Минздрав

Exceeded epidemic threshold does not mean the beginning of the epidemic, the Ministry of health.

Exceeding the epidemic threshold incidence of influenza and SARS in Ukraine does not mean the flu epidemic. On Friday, December 14, announced in the public health of the Ministry.

It is noted that last week for the first season in Ukraine was epidemporog exceeded on the flu. However, the health Ministry stressed that what happened is typical for this time of year is an expected rise in the incidence.

“Until about the beginning of a flu epidemic speech does not go”, – said the press service.

Also, the Ministry explained that epidemiolog is intense, the incidence of influenza and SARS. It is calculated on the basis of data on incidence for many years. Epidemology for Ukraine and for each region calculated annually.

“For the current epidemic season, the threshold is 518,68 per 100 thousand population. Today this figure is exceeded by 1.8%, which is typical and expected for this time of year, and does not mean that the country’s epidemic,” – said in DSP.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine has begun the flu epidemic.

Also in Ukraine, recorded the first death from SARS.


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