In Ukraine, there was a surge of HIV infection – study

В Украине произошел всплеск ВИЧ-инфекции – исследование

In Ukraine recorded the HIV epidemic

In the military conflict in Eastern Ukraine has been the spread of the HIV virus associated with the forced displacement of settlers.

In Ukraine recorded a surge of human immunodeficiency virus in connection with military operations in the Donbass. This is stated in a study published Monday,January 15, in the American edition of PNAS, writes Radio Liberty.

According to researchers, HIV infection in Ukraine has become a “silent epidemic” because half of HIV-infected people are not aware of the problem. Yet 40% of people with only a confirmed diagnosis of HIV discovered already in the late stages of the disease. “The war changed many things in Ukraine, and HIV is one of them. When we conducted our analysis, we were able to show that the war resulted in the spread of the virus from East to rest of the country was strengthened”, – said the employee of the University of Oxford Tatiana Vasilieva.

Scientists have discovered the relationship between displacement as a result of the fighting, approximately 1.7 million people and the spread of HIV infection. It is noted that for the preparation of the study, a team of scientists, together with public organisation Public Health England, analyzed the migration of viruses in Ukraine in 2012 – 2015. In General, in Ukraine, about 220 thousand infected with a population of nearly 45 million people.

Earlier the health Ministry said that more than 100 thousand HIV-infected of Ukrainians do not know about their diagnosis.