In Ukraine today launched a new schedule of passenger trains

В Украине с сегодняшнего дня начал действовать новый график движения пассажирских поездов

From today, 11 December, Ukraine began to operate a new train schedule for the 2016/2017 years. As the press service of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”, envisaged running 193 pairs of passenger trains.

In particular, the formation of Railways of Ukraine – 168 pairs, CIS – 13 pairs, other countries – 12 pairs. In international traffic will run 14 pairs of passenger trains to the West and 25 pairs in CIS, 154 pairs in the message. Fast and accelerated at about 80% of the total number of passenger trains.

Among the innovations of the train schedule – introduction of trains to new destinations. For example, there will be trains that will connect with the Provision of Poltava, Khmelnitsky Ukraine, Kiev with Ishmael, etc. will Also be introduced long trains connecting the entire country: Kharkiv – Kyiv – Lviv and Mykolaiv – Ivano-Frankivsk.

Also in the new schedule provided for an increase in train speed. In particular, the average route speed will amount to 57.8 km/h, and technical – 67.3 km/h. This acceleration has been achieved through acceleration of more than 50 passenger trains from 5 to 65 minutes, increase the number of speedy passenger trains and cancellation of 5 pairs of trains in interstate transportation, which in the current chart provided for a long stop to carry out control operations by the competent authorities.

News on topic: “Ukrzaliznytsya” from December 11 will introduce a new schedule of passenger trains of distant message – Balcon

In particular, the new timetable provides for the following innovations.

Will run 24 pairs of new trains:

No. 720/719 Kharkov – Vinnitsa,

No. 785/786 Kharkiv – Kyiv (through Kremenchuk),

No. 766/765 Kiev – Kherson

No. 197/198 Kyiv – Kovel,

No. 124/123 Zaporizhia – Ivano-Frankivsk,

No. 176/175 Kiev – Kryvyi Rih,

No. 275/276 Dnepropetrovsk – Lviv

No. 285/286 Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk – Lviv,

No. 608/607 Zaporozhye – Berdyansk,

No. 131/132 Kharkov – Lviv,

No. 164/163 Kyiv – Kharkiv,

No. 277/278 Kremenchug, Poltava – Novooleksiyivka,

No. 329/330 Sumy – Novgorod-Seversky,

No. 729/730 Kiev – Genichesk,

No. 791 Kharkov – Sumy

No. 129/130 Kiev – Uzhgorod,

No. 146/145 (243/244) Kyiv – Odesa, Izmail,

No. 149/150 Kyiv – Ivano-Frankivsk,

No. 184/183 Kiev – Mariupol

No. 233/234 Kyiv – Lysychansk

No. 749/750 Kyiv – Ivano-Frankivsk,

No. 790/789 Kiev – Kirovograd,

No. 205/206 Kiev – Nikolaev,

No. 760/759 Kremenchug – Bakhmach.

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Extended routes 4 pairs of trains:

No. 747/748. – Ternopil to Lviv

No. 113/114 Kharkiv – Mukachevo to Uzhgorod

No. 115/116 Kharkov – Ivano-Frankivsk to Chernivtsi

No. 232/231 Ivano-Frankivsk – Novooleksiyivka Genichesk to.

Also increased the number of flights in the South (Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev, Genichesk, Mariupol) and Western (Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Uzhgorod).

Changed the route of passenger trains:

No. 67/68 Kyiv – Warsaw without entering into a luck,

No. 767/768 Kiev – Lutsk is Kyiv – Kovel,

No. 191/192 Kyiv – Lviv Kyiv – Ternopil – Lviv instead of Kiev – Zdolbunov – Lvov

No. 72/71 Zaporozhye – Kiev Krivoy Rog – Timkovo – Chornoliska instead Dnepropetrovsk – Pyatihatki-Butt – Chornoliska,

No. 134/133 Nikolaev – Ivano-Frankivsk through Kherson – apostolove – Dolinskaya is Nikolaev – Dolinskaya and the like.

Also in the schedule of the envisaged running non-stop trailers and cars for travel abroad: Kiev – Kosice, Kiev – Prague, Kiev – Bratislava, Kiev, Budapest, Lviv – Budapest, Lviv, Bratislava, Dnipro – Saint Petersburg, Odessa – St. Petersburg and the like.

New train schedule for 2016/2017 years now available on the website of “Ukrzaliznytsya” and the online system

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