In Ukraine was a massive lesson in English

В Украине прошел массовый урок английского языка

In different cities of Ukraine held a mass English lesson

The event claims the Guinness world record.

On Saturday took place in Ukraine mass English lesson, which took place in Kiev on the Sofia area, as well as in other cities of Ukraine.

The purpose of this lesson is not only educational – the Ukrainians are going to beat the Guinness world record in the nomination “the Most popular English lesson”, said the press service of the mayor of Kiev.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko met with residents and with the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, which is located in Lviv, also in English.

Speaking about the importance of learning English, Kyiv mayor stressed that the city authorities contributes to the development and promotion of free English language courses organized with the support of partners, including the U.S. Embassy.

According to him, on free English language courses in the past year I have learned more than 6 thousand people of Kiev.

Still record the mass of a lesson of English in the world belongs to Germany (installed in 2006), then in the class participated 6287 people.

At the initiative of the Embassy of the USA such lessons were held may 28 at 86 locations in different cities of Ukraine. Most of the participants gathered in Kyiv, Lviv and Mariupol. The results of the action the Committee of Guinness world records will publish at the end of June.

Earlier in Transcarpathia thousands of students took to prayer.

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