In Ukraine will be held the first biathlon Race of Champions

В Украине впервые будет проведена биатлонная Гонка чемпионов

Biathlon competitions will be held in Chernihiv.

In Chernihiv, the day of the start of the championship of Ukraine summer biathlon, 22 September, for the first time our country will host the Race of Champions. It will participate as active athletes, and those who made the glory of the Ukrainian biathlon in previous years.

The competition format will be similar to the famous Christmas race in Gelsenkirchen is the single mixed relay mass start, followed the pursuit. The exact parameters and shooting distance, as well as the regulations of the handicaps in the race of persecution still to be confirmed, but it is clear that the circle is small, little more than 500 meters.

The list of participants is preliminary, but it is expected that if changes will be, it is minimal. Interestingly, in this race in the competitive mode at a distance at the same time will be Anastasiya Merkushyna and her mother Irina Merkushina.

The composition of pairs will be determined by draw before the start, in each pair there will be one current athlete and one already retired. However, as you can see from the list of participants, the female half of the “retired” will be “reinforced” one active athlete.



1. Oksana Khvostenko
2. Nina Lemesh
3. Oksana Yakovleva
4. Tatyana Rud
5. Merkushina Irina (Korchagina)


6. Kristina Dmytrenko
7. Valya Semerenko
8. Vita Semerenko
9. Olena Pidhrushna
10. Olga Abramova
11. Anastasiya Merkushyna
12. Jan Bondar



1. Vyacheslav Derkach
2. Novel Prima
3. Andrew Deryzemlya
4. Ruslan Lysenko
5. Alexander Bilanenko
6. Sergey Sednev


7. Sergey Semenov
8. Pryma Artem
9. Dmitry Pidruchny
10. Artem Tishchenko
11. Taras Lesyuk
12. Bogdan Tsymbal

The race will take place in Chernihiv on sports base “the birch” at Malinovskogo, 59. The start of qualifying (mass start) at 13:25, pursuit at 14:10.

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