In Ukraine, will close 13 prisons in 2017, the Ministry of justice

В Украине закроют 13 тюрем в 2017 году - Минюст

The Ministry plans to reduce inefficient use of budget funds in the Prison system.

In Ukraine it is planned to optimize the penitentiary institutions, which in 2017 will fall 13 places of detention, said in an interview with the journal Correspondent the Deputy Minister of justice Denis Chernyshov.

“We have a total of 148 institutions. In the first batch included 13 institutions that will be optimized. Those institutions in which less than 50% occupancy rates, poor conditions, no production. We plan to transfer the defense Ministry, the national guard, if they want to. Either will work to reduce inefficient use of budget funds”, – said Chernyshov.

After the elimination of the State penitentiary service was cut 734 positions.

According to the Deputy Minister, in some Ukrainian prisons, the shortage of staff, but there are some in which prisoners are several times smaller than the guards.

“Service manual says: go with your partner and do something, and no partner. So, not work?”, says Chernyshov.

He also said that after the decriminalization of the criminal code mnogich economic articles prescribe punishment in the form of a fine, not imprisonment, for example, a fictitious enterprise. In connection with this changed the composition of the prison population.

“Now sit mostly bullies, murderers and drug addicts,” – said the Deputy Minister.

The full interview Chernyshov read number 39 journal Reporter.

We will remind that in Turkey more than 3 thousand prisoners leave the prison to make room for other prisoners