In Ukraine will create a mine action center operations

В Украине создадут центр противоминных операций

With the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass victims of mines and shells began 1858 people, of which 482 dead.

The Verkhovna Rada at a meeting on Tuesday, November 6, 240 votes adopted on first reading a draft law on mine action.

The explanatory note highlights that due to the unresolved issues of mine action at the legislative level in Ukraine is a non-system clearing areas, primarily along the demarcation line, and the individual objects in the liberated areas.

The sponsors note that according to statistics of the Ministry of defense, with the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass victims of mines and shells began 1858. The number of deaths amounted to 482 people, including 21 children.

The bill defines the list of objects and actors of mine action, the order of their creation, organizational and procedural bases of the activities; requirements for specialists in the field of mine action and mine action and their responsibilities.

It is also proposed to identify the sources of funding for mine action; the record of mine action operators, victim assistance to persons (victims) from explosive devices, the definition of the status of the territories for the needs of mine action; the mandate of the Inspectorate for quality control of mine action and of the Secretariat of the Center for mine action and the like.

In addition, the project envisages to define the essential terms of the procurement contract of works and (or) services in the field of mine action and proposed to establish liability for violation of legislation in the field of mine action as mine action actors and professionals in the field of mine action and demining.

The bill requires the establishment of a Centre for mine action, which will enter into contracts with operators of demining of the liberated territories. Funded by such work will be at the expense of the state budget and donor organizations.

As stated in the explanatory Memorandum, in the East of Ukraine should be cleared of mines and shells about 7 thousand square kilometers. This territory is home to about 1.5 million people. You will also need to clear 15 thousand square km in the uncontrolled territories.

Recall that in late July in a separatist-controlled Horlivka, three teenagers hit a mine, two of them died. Three more children were killed and one was injured, he stepped on a mine near Gorlovka, at the end of September.


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