In Ukraine will start working the international organization for the training of women leaders

В Украине начнет работать международная организация по подготовке женщин-лидеров

In Ukraine, a democratic Women’s network within the initiative of the International Republican Institute. The program is funded by the Agency for international development (USAID), reports “Radio Freedom”.

“The challenge for women is to participate in the political process. They are universal for both the United States and for Ukraine. I think we need more women at all levels of management. The most important thing we can do is to increase the number of women in the world, involved in the political process. To provide them with the opportunity to train and develop their leadership abilities,” said Valerie Dowling, Director of Women’s democratic network (Washington).

The network already operates in 61 countries. Forces organizations are planning to conduct trainings for women who have already been elected to positions on local councils, and also to prepare the successful candidates before the election.

In the organization plan to establish branches of the women officials in different countries, as well as through its programmes to develop strong communication between Kiev and regions of Ukraine.

“Especially in the South and East of Ukraine a very low percentage of women in city councils, especially of the young. This situation is a legacy of the Ukrainian political parties, as well as the lack of programs to find good candidates among young men and among young women to elected office. We conduct trainings for women, especially in the South and East, including from regions that are hard to reach, which were occupied,” notes Michael Drukman, Director of the International Republican Institute in Ukraine.

As noted in the International Republican Institute, the Ukrainian Parliament on 12% of women. Despite the fact that this is a record for all of the previous convocation, this figure still remains low in comparison with the world practice of democratic countries.

The law “On local elections”, which introduced quotas on party lists (at least 30% should be candidates of the opposite gender) improved the situation somewhat with the representation of women in local councils. As a result, about 24% of deputies in local authorities are women.

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