In Ukrainian schools start spring break

В украинских школах начинаются весенние каникулы

In the last week of March in Ukraine will be held spring break

In 2019 Easter falls at the end of April, so the children bout the “double” holiday in the spring.

In Ukraine at the end of March school closes for spring break. Students will go to rest as early as Monday, March 25, and will take it back to school on 1 April.

Traditionally spring break last week. In 2019 falls on the last 7 days of March. Accordingly, the spring break-2019 will be held on 25-31 March.

In 2019, the pupils will also receive a little extra vacation. In the country planned a five-day weekend, during which they will celebrate Easter and labor Day.

Easter 2019: how the Ukrainians will rest.

Easter this year falls on Sunday, April 27. The Cabinet proposed to move the working days and arrange a five-day weekend until may 2nd. In addition, each school has the right to approve the dates of your vacation and castings. The Ministry of education only gives recommendations when it is better to spend depending on the calendar.

It is worth noting that the educational process in Ukraine is divided into four quarters and, therefore, schools spend autumn, winter, spring and summer breaks. But some institutions of learning trimestrali system.

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