In unison the Bank promised to return all deposits

В банке Юнисон обещают своевременный возврат всех вкладов

In Unison has produced a number of lawsuits about recognition illegal actions of the national Bank

The work of the Bank cards stopped temporary administration, emphasized by the shareholders of Unisono.

All customers of the Bank unison in a timely manner and in full will get their deposits. According to the statement of the Bank’s shareholders on Friday, April 29, they know about the problems that occurred from customers in connection with the introduction of an interim administration in the institution. In particular, that do not work Bank card products – these are the consequences of introduction of temporary administration, forced to turn off the processing, and thus deprive customers of the ability to make payments in the normal mode.

Shareholders of the Bank promised that on April 30 in a special address will be announced all the information on payments to clients and depositors of the Bank, including all payroll projects, funds for which came on account of Unison.

Also, despite all the trouble, the shareholders of Unisono promise to do everything possible to ensure that the situation does not appear on the clients. To this end, the Agency promises to take all possible legal measures. So, already prepared a number of lawsuits about recognition illegal actions of the national Bank.

“Considering all the performance indicators, we have every reason to receive positive decisions in the courts,” – commented in Unison.

Shareholders are reminded that the Bank is fully secured liquidity, citing the findings of authoritative rating agencies “Credit-Rating” and “Expert-Rating”. “Moreover, the standards of Unison is ten times higher than those set by the national Bank. But all these figures didn’t stop the NBU, which decided to close one of the most stable financial institutions of Ukraine”, – reads the statement.

As reported Корреспондент.net, in Unison regard the NBU resolution No. 300 on the introduction to the Bank of the interim administration as “a fact unprecedented government RAID.