In Uzhgorod blossomed Tulip tree

В Ужгороде зацвело тюльпанное дерево

The trees bloom green and orange flowers, which in appearance and size similar to tulips.

In Uzhgorod the beginning of the flowering Tulip tree. On Saturday, may 5, reports UNN.

It is noted that now instead of 20 000 of the city is decorated with tulips blooming Tulip Liriodendron.

The largest Tulip trees in Uzhgorod grow on Narodnaya square in Uzhgorod Botanical garden. This is a high spreading trees that bloom orange and green flowers. They appearance and size similar to tulips.

In fact, the Liriodendron, the Tulip has nothing to maples or to the tulips. The plant is the closest relative of the Magnolia. In the catalogue of the wood of the Liriodendron designated as “yellow poplar”, although with poplar this tree have nothing in common.

In Ukraine, the Tulip tree can be found primarily in Botanical gardens and parks, particularly in Uzhgorod, Lviv oblast and in Kyiv.



Earlier in Transcarpathia blossomed Narcissus Valley.


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