In Uzhgorod due to the damage to the pipeline no gas left part of the city

В Ужгороде из-за повреждения газопровода без газа осталась часть города

Tonight, March 3, as a result of unauthorized work on the street by Dmytro Dontsov was damaged medium pressure gas pipeline through that part of Uzhgorod was left without gas supply, according to “Ukrainian national news” with reference to the press service of Uzhgorod city Council.

In connection with the carrying out of emergency recovery works disconnected from the gas supply 1,076 homes on 22 streets of Uzhgorod.

In particular, we are talking about the streets Sobranetskaya, Zagorski, Pavlova, Tobacco, Nut, Dobrolyubova, Osipenko, Hankivsky, Shchedrin, Carpathian, Forest, Filatov, Golden and others. The gas company appealed to residents of these streets with a request to help specialists, providing admission to the premises during the restoration of gas supply.

Roughly gas supply will be restored tomorrow, March 4.

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Recall that in early February as a result of tornadoes in France without light there are 250 million homes.

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