In Uzhgorod passed a column of Armored vehicles

По Ужгороду прошла колонна БТРов

In Transcarpathia conducts exercises the National guard.

On the ground in the village of Orikhovytsya in Uzhgorod under the conduct of joint tactical exercises of battalion of territorial defense and national guard. The streets of the city Thursday, 26 may move Armored vehicles and military convoys, reports the newspaper Ua reporter.

The plot of the exercise the squad will face a separatist group that should carry out actions aimed at destabilizing the situation in the region.

First, the column that moves on the ground, tried to block the locals, then on the convoy was attacked by “separatists”. The national guard and the military, in turn “neutralized” the enemy and complete the mission.

After that Orekhovska the landfill underwent additional exercises.