In Uzhgorod swindlers have enticed at the pensioner of almost 180 thousand UAH

В Ужгороде аферисты выманили у пенсионерки почти 180 тыс. грн

In Uzhgorod a group of con artists tricked an elderly woman nearly 180 thousand UAH. About it reports a press-service GU of the NP in the Transcarpathian region.

According to the report, the incident occurred yesterday, July 30. The local police said 79-year-old woman with a complaint that she had been deceived two young girls and a boy.

According to the victim, around 10:00 near the “Drunk” Bazaar met her boyfriend, who had two girls. The guy told me that the woman allegedly can win in the action, which holds one of the local shopping centres of home appliances. Like, if she will pay an amount, receive a card for a discount, not only in the store, but also in pharmacies, other stores, and the like. The money was allegedly then come back, but they need to design cards.

“Money, namely 5 thousand and 7 thousand dollars, the pensioner gave to the scams. Only with time I realized that she was deceived,” – says the police.

Now continues the search for the scams. Police are asking anyone who has information on wanted, to call the hot line “102”.

Guy: age 30 years, blonde hair, curly. Was dressed in light jeans and a plaid shirt.

Girl: age — 20-25 years, growth — 170-175 cm, dark hair (shoulder length), slim build. On foot is a great tattoo. Had a bag of brown.

Girl: age — 20-25 years, growth — 170-175 cm, blond hair, slim build.

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