In Uzhgorod, the police caught the judge on a BMW

В Ужгороде полиция ловила судью на BMW

In Uzhgorod, patrol police took the judge for examination in the hospital

When the police caught up with the car, the driver had behaved inappropriately and he was taken to the hospital.

The head of the patrol police of Uzhgorod and Mukachevo Yuri Martensen said in Facebook that on Friday evening, December 9, was detained and taken to the hospital a local judge Michael Rotmistrenko.

Law enforcement officers decided to stop the BMW X5 because he was a dirty rear license plate.

“On audible signal to stop and the speaker did not respond, tried to escape in a car, creating an emergency situation to other participants of traffic”, – said Martensen.

According to him, when the police caught up with Rotmistrenko, he behaved inappropriately, so I had to take him to microdispensers.

“Blowing in Dragor on the spot refused. Now drug addiction. Went to the hospital and said, “how did I get here? Where’s my car? I was at home asleep at all.” It is known for you to those that have time drink driving and avoided responsibility for drunkenness,” wrote Facebook in a local journalist Vitaly Verb.

In Mariupol, the police chased a drunk official

Earlier it was reported that in Odessa the police gave chase behind the electric car brand Nissan LEAF, which was ruled by the judge of the Ovidiopolsky district court.

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