In Venezuela continues anti-government protests: detained more than 500 people

В Венесуэле продолжаются антиправительственные протесты: задержаны более 500 человек

Protests in Caracas, April 2017

In Venezuela, Wednesday, April 19, was arrested more than 500 protesters. It is unclear how many protesters remain in custody. It is reported by The Assotiated Press.

The unrest began three weeks ago in connection with the Supreme court’s decision on deprivation of the National Assembly legislative powers, which was subsequently cancelled under pressure of international criticism. The protests are also related to the economic situation in the country and with deprivation of the right to stand for election of the opposition leader Capriles.

The opposition insist on the removal from power of President Maduro through early elections and the release of dozens of political prisoners.

When protesters trying to get to the center of the capital, police met them with tear gas and rubber bullets. Dozens of people had to dive into the river from the embankment in order to avoid harmful fumes.

Police officers are accused in the deaths of two people, including a teenager who went to a football match with friends in Caracas.

In several cities protesters also testify to the terror by the police, some of them were armed and circled around the demonstrators on motorcycles.

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At nightfall, a group of young people tore down traffic signs and billboards to construct barricades from which they threw firebombs and stones at police.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles told his supporters:

“If millions of us today, tomorrow need to get more mass”.

Venezuelan President Maduro said he wanted elections to be held “somewhat sooner” and repeated his call for dialogue.

“Today they tried to seize power by force, and again we defeated them,” said Maduro, adding that the authorities had blocked armed opponents who sought to carry out a coup.

He has provided no evidence that he was preparing a coup, and the opposition rejected these accusations as a desperate attempt to intimidate Venezuelans to exercise their constitutional right to protest.

In the US state Department said that persons engaged in violations of human rights and undermining the democratic institutions of Venezuela, will be brought to justice.

Recall that since the protests in Venezuela the death toll has reached seven.

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