In Venezuela, protests against President Maduro

В Венесуэле продолжаются протесты против президента Мадуро

In Venezuela, in Caracas and other cities, protests against President Nicolas Maduro, reports AFP.

In particular, a new outbreak of clashes between Venezuelan police and opponents of the President. Police released tear gas and rubber bullets to break up thousands of demonstrators when they reached a major highway in Caracas, then moved a little ago, when masked protesters threw stones and Molotov cocktails.

The demonstrators vowed not to retreat in his campaign to oust Maduro, despite three weeks of violence in relation to protostomes, in which eight people died.

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Protesters set fire to a garbage can and broke a Billboard to put up a barricade so the officers shot them in the water gun, and above his head hung a police helicopter.

Clashes broke out in the Western city of San Cristobal, Maracaibo in the Northwest and in the Central part of Venezuela.

The opposition has called for new protests, “March of silence” in all parts of the country on Saturday and the nationwide blocking roads on Monday.

As reported, in Venezuela authorities seized the factory of General Motors.

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