In Vinnytsia region the house blew up

В Винницкой области взорвался жилой дом

In turbiv exploded house

Private house in the explosion almost completely destroyed. Inside the man survived but is in serious condition.

In the city of Turbiv, Vinnytsia region on Friday, September 21, blew up one-storey house, which was retired, according to channel 33.

An elderly man in a serious condition hospitalized in regional hospital.

The incident occurred around seven in the morning. Local residents say that brick house there was like a matchbook. The explosion was of such force that rose up a cloud of dust, rattled Windows and doors in the next street. Blast glass scattered in the gardens.

The causes of PE are installed. Rescuers do not exclude the explosion of a gas cylinder.

“For specialists, establish the causes of the explosion. The room is almost completely destroyed”, – reported in gschs region.

Earlier in Kiev an apartment building explosion, which lit up the balconies on the two floors.


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