In Volhynia, a drunken man was kidnapped from the hospital baby

На Волыни пьяный мужчина похитил из больницы ребенка

The police detained the kidnapper

A man took his three year old child directly with a catheter in the arm. Before that, he threw stones at the Windows of the hospital and tried to knock the door.

In the Volyn region, a drunken man broke into the hospital and kidnapped the mother of a sick child. On Wednesday, may 9, the press service of the patrol police in Volyn region.

Before you abduct a child, the man broke down the door, threw stones at the window and behaved aggressively. Doctors have provided a reference point of the vehicle, which left the kidnapper. It was reported that the man may be carrying a weapon.

Inspectors found that this is the child’s father, who was intoxicated and drove with their friends.

After some time on the street, Rivne patrol found the car of Peugeot, inside of which were two men and a child about three years with a catheter in the arm.

To a scene there arrived mother, who is a patrol police handed over the child, despite the resistance of his father. The man tried to resist and was using profanity.

He was arrested and called to the scene investigative team. 46-year-old offender issued materials for disorderly conduct and drunken appearance.

As reported in the Kharkov area the missing child was found dead. 14-year-old boy, was wanted after missing 29 Jan from family-type homes.

Earlier in Nikolaev mother thrown from the bridge of a small child. The woman explained to police that she threw son in the water because of severe family circumstances.


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