In Volyn poacher accidentally shot a colleague

На Волыни браконьер случайно застрелил коллегу

The hunt ended with the murder by negligence

The man tripped and accidentally shot a friend.

In the village Oryshchi Volyn region October 24, during the illegal hunting and killed 43-year-old man. This was reported on the official website of the regional police.

The police say that the murder happened inadvertently.

“60-year-old resident together with a friend went to 43-year-old friend in the village Oryshchi Ivanychivsk district, to catch a game. About 23 hours, the resident was walking with two friends across the field, holding his hunting rifle carbine. Man caught on arable land and, falling, reflexively raised the rifle barrel up. During the fall, a shot rang out, fatally wounding the head of the 43-year-old resident Ivanchenkova district”, – stated in the message.

Local media claim that hunting was illegal.

Currently, police are investigating the case under article about murder on imprudence.

Recall that in Ukraine for 25 years banned the hunting of moose.