In Zaporizhia an attempt on the life of the leader of the Union of Left Forces Vasyl Volha, – CRL

Today around 11:00 in the city of Zaporozhye near the building of the DOSAAF group of young people preventing the press conference of the leader of the Union of Left Forces Vasyl Volha, has committed an attempt on his life. About it reports a press-service of political power.

According to the report, first about 10:40 the way to the room where it was planned to hold a press conference, was blocked by people in camouflage uniforms and balaclavas with stripes “DILL” and “Azov”. They were armed with weapons and demanded cancellation of the press conference, otherwise threatened with physical violence.

“Allegations of Pro-Russian position, leader of the United left Vasily Volga replied that the position and the party’s call to stop the war peacefully and to seek the return of Donbas to Ukraine. What the representatives of the extremists declared that they are against peace in the country and Ukraine needs war. About 10:50 a group of young guys in the amount of 25-30 people attacked from the back to Vasyl Volga and his associates, and began to beat them. The leader of the party and some of his party members to break into the premises. Despite efforts by police to stop extremists, they also managed to enter the building where they were beaten those who were able to catch up.Around 11:00 the nationalists began to prepare Molotov cocktails to set fire to the room in which was the Volga. Thanks to the brave actions of less than 10 police officers, Vasily Volga was quickly evacuated from the building,” reports the Union of the left forces.

The Union of the Left Forces requires investigation by the security Service of Ukraine and Ministry of internal Affairs of the attempt on the life of Vasily Volga and obstruction groups of the Nazi political party. Force refers to all European and international political organizations to condemn the Ukrainian authorities promotion of Nazism in Ukraine.