In Zhitomir area there was a large-scale accident

В Житомирской области случилось масштабное ДТП

Accident in Zhytomyr region

The accident happened on the highway Kyiv-Chop. Three people had been injured.

Nine cars collided on the highway Kyiv-Chop near Korostyshev in Zhitomir area. A truck and eight cars spun on the slippery road. This is stated in the story TSN, published on Saturday, January 12.

Because of the accident the road of international importance was blocked for almost three hours.

There were no casualties. Three people have been injured, but refused hospitalization.

It is known that the accident resulted in several cars turned into scrap metal.

Earlier near Kiev faced at least four cars, one person died.

It was also reported that in Kiev there was a large-scale accident during the epileptic seizure the driver of the Mercedes.


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