In Zhytomyr colony found spaccamela to criminal authorities

В Житомирской колонии нашли спецкамеру для криминальных авторитетов

In Zhytomyr penal colony found violations

The colony was equipped with a separate room with individual heating, furniture and appliances, said the Prosecutor’s office.

In Zhytomyr penal colony No. 4 of the Prosecutor General’s office found a separate room with all amenities, which is home to the criminal authorities. On Thursday, November 8, reported on the website of the GPU.

It is noted that the cell was individual heating, furniture and appliances. She closed on the lock, the keys were not in the administration of the institution, and one of the most ardent violators of the regime.

“Draws attention to the fact that the vast majority of so-called thieves authorities are immigrants from other countries, some of them do not speak any Ukrainian or Russian languages to a sufficient degree”, – noted in GPU.

The office reported that such a violation is detected on the background of the fact that the living conditions of labor, treatment of most prisoners do not meet the requirements of the legislation, international standards and most of the indicators can be regarded as inhuman treatment.

“In the past two years convicted wrongly used to work without labor contracts, a large number of prisoners did not even receive wages. The institution was not carried out, the treatment of prisoners. There are no necessary medicines and medical assistance. Medical equipment is unusable or not at all. Most residential, domestic and industrial premises are in an unsanitary condition, in need of repair and upgrading,” – said the Prosecutor’s office.

Also, in one industrial premises, the employees of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine found a camouflaged cache of 4 knives.

After checking into prison delivered drugs, prisoners made more than 60 employment contracts, in premises held sanitization and cleaning.

From prison to other prisons transferred 11 prisoners who for a long time destabilisateur operational situation that could provoke unrest and to facilitate the Commission of other offences.

In the Zhytomyr region Prosecutor’s office sent the materials regarding the registration of criminal proceedings on charges of abuse of office, on the manufacture, carrying or sale of knives and forgery.



Earlier it became known that the budget costs for the maintenance of one prisoner in Ukraine range from 37 to 53 thousand.

It was also reported that in the four colonies Poltava region was discovered items that could be used to torture prisoners.


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