In Zhytomyr region the barrier injured student

В Житомирской области шлагбаум травмировал школьника

The child has two open fractures

The boy was urgently hospitalized with open fractures of the jaw and left arm.

In Zhytomyr region a metal gate near the school seriously injured a first grader. The child is hospitalized, according to TSN on Monday, October 8.

“In the school boiler truck delivered firewood, the driver opened the gate, entered the school grounds, but did not fit into the turn and the trailer hooked metal arrow. From strong blow it broke away and flew to the child, whom the father led classes”, – stated in the message.

The boy was urgently hospitalized with open fractures of the jaw and left arm. And the driver didn’t even notice what happened. He went further, he was stopped only by the screams of witnesses.

“A strong blow was such a thud and I looked back and saw that the child was gone. And had already fallen and screams, and the arm hung bleeding,” – said the father of the victim student Dmitry Romaniuk.

The boy’s mother claims that in the incident there is the fault of the school administration, which organized a supply of firewood, when students go to school.

The police opened criminal proceedings. Responsible want to attract not only the driver but also the school administration that allowed such maneuvers in the schoolyard.

Earlier in the village p’yatydni in Volhynia died first grader. The girl became ill in gym class, after which she was skoczylas. The doctors were unable to save her.

And in Kharkov, a man was attacked in the entrance of 16-year-old girl and cut her throat with a blade ocelarska knife.

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