In Zhytomyr region were the teachings of paratroopers

В Житомирской области прошли учения десантников

Landing of armored vehicles on exercise in Zhytomyr region

Ukrainian Airborne troops on November 21 held a brigade tactical exercises in the Zhytomyr region.

In Zhytomyr region 95 assault brigade on Wednesday, November 21, held the brigade tactical exercises on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Airborne assault troops (until 2017 they were highly mobile airborne troops). It is reported

Provided that the practical actions of the exercise began with a simulated air strike. After that, with military transport aircraft Il-26 and An-26 were landed troops with combat equipment.

Reportedly, on the ground, the paratroopers spent training battle after getting ambushed, passing through a minefield and capture a certain objective with the destruction of the enemy. While fire support during combat training missions provided artillery brigade 95.



It is known that the exercise was visited by the President Petro Poroshenko, chief of the General staff of the Armed forces Viktor Muzhenko, MP Tatyana Rychkova, DSV commander of the Armed forces Michael Zabrodsky.

Airborne assault troops is a separate kind of troops intended for operations in the enemy rear during the special, anti-terrorist and peacekeeping operations and perform tasks that cannot effectively be tackled by other forces and means.

Previously, the command OOS have tested the willingness of anti-tank reserve one of the operational tactical groups.

It was also reported that the aircraft of the United forces in the Donbas during the exercises worked out the attacks on ground targets.

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