In Zhytomyr saved 370-pound woman

На Житомирщине спасали 370-килограммовую женщину

For loading the women into the ambulance involved 60 people.

In Korosten Zhytomyr region rescuers helped load into the ambulance the woman, whose weight had reached 370 pounds. On Monday, October 23, the press service of Goschs.

Noted, the 39-year-old women suffering from so-called “elephant disease”, and her weight grew as a result of up to 370 kg. She was offered treatment in Germany. The difficulty was that to get out of his house a woman could not. To make it, too, was not possible because the doorway was only 80 cm.

“Fortunately, the apartment was on the first floor of an apartment building. Korostenskyi rescuers together with the medical center have produced a special device and tools, and one of the enterprises of the city provided viruscheck, by which 60 persons of staff of the 8th part of the State firefighting and rescue transported the sick woman through the window of the apartment on the street, and then to the ambulance,” – said in the SES.

As reported, in Mexico the surgery for gastric bypass of the heaviest man in the world. Juan Pedro Franco weighed 595 pounds.