In Zimbabwe estimated losses from the sanctions of $100 billion

В Зимбабве оценили потери от санкций в $100 млрд

The Zimbabwe foreign Ministry urged the United States and other countries to lift sanctions against the country because the need for them has disappeared.

Over the last 20 years the African state of Zimbabwe has lost more than $100 billion because of the economic sanctions of the West. Such data was sounded by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Zimbabwe, Sibusiso Moyo during the hearing in Parliament, said before Xinhua.

According to him, other than the loss of $42 billion in revenues, Zimbabwe has also sustained a loss of about $4.5 billion in international aid every year since 2001, when sanctions were imposed.

He added that Zimbabwe also lost nearly $12 billion of loans the IMF, world Bank and the African development Bank, which could help to develop the infrastructure.

In addition, private enterprises have not been sent another $18 billion of loans.

“As a result, the GDP of Zimbabwe for the last two decades has decreased by $21 billion,” said Moyo.

The Minister promised to continue to maintain a dialogue with Western States for normalization of relations. “The government continues to communicate with the West and so far the results have been positive,” he said.

Moyo also urged the US and other countries to lift sanctions against Zimbabwe, because the need for them has disappeared.

As you know, since 2001 a number of Western countries, including USA, Canada and EU imposed sanctions against Zimbabwe because of non-compliance in the country of human rights.

It was also reported that in Zimbabwe, decided to abandon the use of the dollar as national currency and a national monetary unit.

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