Incomes of Russians fall for the fourth consecutive year

Доходы россиян падают четвертый год подряд

Incomes of Russians continue to fall

In 2017, the income of the population of Russia decreased by 1.7%. Revenues fall for the fourth consecutive year. In 2016, they fell by 5.8% in 2015, by 3.2% and in 2014 by 0.7%.

In December of 2017 incomes of Russians decreased by 1.8% yoy against 0.1% in November and 1.6% in October. This is with reference to the Rosstat according to News economy.

As noted, in General, in 2017, revenues declined by 1.7% in annual terms.

Incomes of Russians reduced for the fourth consecutive year in 2016, revenues fell by 5.8% in real terms in 2015 by 3.2%, in 2014 – 0,7%.

Reduction of incomes of the population in 2017 was unexpected as the government had expected an increase in income in the baseline scenario of the forecast of economic development of the country. The economic development Ministry in August 2017, even raised the forecast of growth of real incomes of the population in 2017, up from 1% to 1.3%. According to the forecast of the government, real incomes will rise in 2018 at 2.3%.

The average income per capita in nominal terms made up in 2017 31475. per month (+ 2.4% in annual terms).

The average wage amounted in 2017 39085 product. per month (+ 7.2 per cent). In real terms the average wage increased last year by 3.4%.

Recall that the Russians in 2017 to improve the financial situation engaged in the manufacture of products in his household.