Independence or not? The dispersal of the blockade sparked protests

Майдан или нет? Разгон блокады вызвал протесты

In Ukraine the beginning of the crackdown on the trade embargo has led to protests across the country.

Authorities began a crackdown on the trade blockade in the Donbass. Yet managed to eliminate only one redoubt blocking, but statements about law enforcement practices and calls for mass protests in response to the actions of the authorities were many.

In the end the protesters even captured the two buildings of the Regional state administrations, but on the Maidan in Kiev in support of the blockade of people gathered a little. understood what was happening around the trade embargo beyond the control of the Donbas.

The acceleration of the redoubt

To start the dispersal of the blockade, the authorities decided from the redoubt at the railway station “Kryvyi Torets” in the village Scherbynivka.

Employees of the security Service of Ukraine detained on redoubt 43 people with guns.

And their actions, the security forces called kontrdiversionnoy events, but why are they just now noticed saboteurs who are in the zone ATO more than a month, and why their detention is seen as ORDO go train, the SBU did not explain.

But in the SBU added that the detainees law enforcers seized “a lot of weapons and a significant number of Molotov cocktails”.

The night all of the detainees had been released.

Protests in the country

In Kiev on independence square was held a rally of supporters of the blockade. At the rally gathered about a hundred people.

Among those who came to the Maidan were the members of the battalion of the OUN, Svoboda party and supporters of Mikhail Saakashvili. His colleague and ex-Deputy Prosecutor General David Sakvarelidze said that their party supports the blockade. Representatives of the “Self-help” said that demanding the resignation of interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

He urged to support the participants of the blockade and join her.

In the Volyn region, Local activists called on conversation of the head of Volyn regional state administration Volodymyr Gunica in connection with the arrest of the protesters on the blockade of the trade with the occupied territories.

The activists demanded that the head of the region spoke in favor of or against the action of blockade. He replied that he was against the embargo, though, and does not support a dispersal of the redoubt.

Later Huncik said: “I am with Poroshenko was, is and will be. Whether you like it or not like it. And the coffin will fall.”

Subsequently, the activists entered the building of the regional state administration.

They put forward three demands: release the detained participants of the blockade, to dismiss from office the Deputy head of national police, Vyacheslav Abroskin, to Express official support for the embargo.

Protesters occupied the building of the regional administration in Chernivtsi.

For the blockade to pay?

In a press-service of the police of the Donetsk region reported that of the 43 detained activists blockade five previous convictions, ten reported that they participated in the antiterrorist operation, but has not yet provided supporting documents. And only four of them, owners of registered weapons.

Among the detainees − a resident of Zhytomyr region, previously convicted for murder. He said that he and several people were brought to the Donetsk region centrally provided money and promised to pay for three weeks of duty in “the redoubt”.

The man said that the day allegedly offered 400 hryvnia.

In the center of Kiev, the enhanced protection

In the Central part of Kiev from 14 to 17 March, enhanced the protection of public order, the press service of the Metropolitan police. So, the rule of law will provide more than 1.4 thousand employees of structural subdivisions of organs of internal Affairs and national guard soldiers.

The police are asked to be understanding to increased security measures.

Also participants of the mass events are urged to be careful and vigilant not to succumb to provocations, and in case of detection of suspicious persons or packages – immediately inform the police.